About Servus

To LEAD is to SERVE.


In 2009 Sumner High School was encouraged to put on a conference where students from around the state could learn about servant-leadership, character development and practical ways to put these things into action back at their school and in their community. It did not take long for the conference to grow in scope and size. After four years of hosting the conference at Sumner High School, the conference outgrew the space when it added a second conference for middle school students.  The SERVUS Conference has now moved to the ShoWare Center, which is a 6000 seat arena, and has brought both Middle School and High School conferences together, along with business and community leaders. The goal is to spread the message of servant-leadership and provide tools for any leader to take back to their schools, organizations and communities.

We believe that leadership is a skill that can be learned and everyone can intentionally improve their ability to positively influence others around them.  Schools and individuals have come from as far away as the Oregon Coast, Vancouver, the Tri-Cities, Yakima, Wenatchee, and all over Western Washington to attend each year. This has included over one hundred different schools and thousands of students and advisers. We are inspired by the ripple effect of students who have chosen to SERVE in such real and powerful ways that has made a real impact in our world. 


Holocaust survivor Noemi Ban speaking at the 2018 SERVUS Conference